Wishes and Goals

As I sat on the couch today, working on creating job postings for a school project, and tumblr_n6162q6IBv1snktb9o1_500watching Reba play on the television in the background I started to think about a conversation I had earlier this week with a wonderful woman I know. We talked about choices and making decisions.

I started thinking about all the choices that I have to make in the next year. All the decisions I need to make, and how these decisions will affect the rest of my life. I thought about school, work, finances… and suddenly I just got so overwhelmed. I have to say, being an adult is hard.

But there’s a part of me that gets so excited. Within the next year, I will be graduating from college with a diploma in Business Administration. I will be working full-time, and will be goals-tony-robbins-picture-quotesmoving out on my own. The excitement of being able to plan and work towards a life of my very own takes over the fear and stress of the choices that I have to make.

One of the tools that I learned many years ago to manage stress was to make a list and from that list make goals. Suddenly the school work and the television show could wait, and I started to think about what I needed to do. Finish school, get good grades, continue to work part-time, get connected with a good group of people, and start to think about where I want to go and do when I graduate.e33b218639e5cf9197c7144c30c64f9a

There’s a saying that “A goal without a plan is just a wish” and I totally understand that now. I have had so many goals to do so many things, but without a plan, they were just wishes. Without the plan, they never happened. Sometimes we need to take a step back and ask ourselves if what we are doing today is getting us closer to where we want to be tomorrow.

So what was the point of this little ramble? Everyone has wishes… Most even have goals. life-goals-quotes-795I want to encourage all of you, those in high school, college or university, and even those who are past this point, to think about your plans for the future. Are they wishes, or are they goals? Take some time today and decide where you want to be tomorrow.

Have a great day everyone!



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