Media Monday: 16 Comics that Explain Depression

1. The smallest things seem like great accomplishments to you.


2. You feel chained to your bed. Some days you cannot leave it. Your mind is your worst enemy.


3. It is a constant companion and a classic “Party Pooper” in your life.

enhanced-buzz-25581-1377200305-194. People ask you how you are but it is always easier to say you’re fine.

enhanced-buzz-24491-1377192442-105. What starts off as a small thing, quickly grows until it quickly consumes you.

enhanced-buzz-23972-1377192174-116. You are so tired of people telling you that there is no reason to be sad.

enhanced-buzz-23894-1377192707-107. Getting out of bed is the hardest thing you can do each day.

enhanced-buzz-19581-1377201296-88. It is a never ending cycle.
enhanced-buzz-18937-1377192874-399. You find that you are always failing people’s expectations of you; especially your own.


10. You feel like you have to put on an act to fit in .

enhanced-buzz-15480-1377204064-4511. People are just not as understanding because they cannot physically see the effect it has on you.


12. You wish you knew what the reason why you are being plagued every day.

enhanced-buzz-7414-1377192648-4613. You know you’re being irrational but there is nothing you can do about it.

enhanced-buzz-6506-1377192043-814. You’re constantly being shut down, and then people cannot figure out why you do not talk to them anymore.

enhanced-buzz-6432-1377193736-515. You feel like you are the only one going through this. You feel alone.


16. You feel like you have lost yourself.


Author’s Note: Thanks to BuzzFeed for posting a similar article a few weeks ago. The above cartoons were borrowed from this article.

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