I don’t feel….. Anything.


For today’s Flashback Friday I am going to take us back to a summer evening back in 2009. I was going with my youth group to a camp an hour away for the night; We made a pit stop at a McDonald’s around suppertime, and amidst the commotion and chaos of getting out of the cars, my hand somehow got caught in one of the doors! I screamed for someone to open the door again… to let me out… but it wasn’t until I realized that

I did not feel anything.

We got my hand loose, and it had already turned a dark shade of blue, yet I didn’t feel any pain. It scared me. This was the first time that I realized that I was not feeling any physical pain, because my inner pain had become too much to bear. I realized sometime after, that I had unconsciously refused to feel pain so it would not hurt so much anymore. I kept telling people,

“I feel numb”.

In the years to come after several sessions with a counselor, I learned that my feeling numb was my way of my body saying it is


Suddenly, my numbness was not so scary. I wasn’t afraid it would hurt me anymore. I understood it, and from there, I could work through it. have you ever felt numb? Have you ever felt overwhelmed? How do you handle these feelings in a healthy manner? Share in the comments below!

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