Procrastination: Our Biggest Downfall

While deciding what to blog about this week I thought about doing procrastination… then I thought… “I should just do that next week.” Needless to say, if I want to blog about, I should take my own advice. So here I am.

images (2)So why would I decide to discuss Procrastination on a blog for Mental Health and Wellness? Well, amazingly enough, Procrastination is one of our biggest downfalls when it comes to our Mental Health. Why? Well, when you procrastinate, nothing happens and you will never get better.

Take a minute and think about what you Procrastinate from. Exercise? Going to the doctor? Going outside? Being social? It is different for each person so think about what you procrastinate from.

Why do we procrastinate? What are the benefits we will receive from procrastinating. One of the most common reasons for people struggling with Anxiety is Fear. But there are two types of fear that are common. The fear of failure is the most common. “What if I try and I cannot do it?” The fear of Success is less common but all the more important. “What if I try and I do it, but then everyone thinks I can do it every time?” Avoiding Responsibility can play a big factor in this, but we cannot let our fears get the best of us!

What are the consequences if we do procrastinate? You could be selling yourself short. Letting people down (that includes yourself!). Most times, procrastinating will leave more to be done later. So really, was there a benefit at all?

By thinking through these steps we force ourselves to do what we call a Cost Benefit Analysis. From this we can decide if procrastinating is a good idea or not. Sometimes procrastinating can be healthy — but not every time. Be sure to take a moment to assess the situation before leaving things for later!

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