Relapse and Lies

Last week we talked about my emotional breakthrough that lead to the road of recovery for me. Today’s Flashback Friday brings us to the days, weeks, and months following my first steps towards recovery.


I started to recover (in the sense that I stopped harming myself) and things were finally

looking brighter

until the pain caught up to me and I relapsed, this time

I fell

farther than before. I was disappointed in myself for not being able to heal, and decided that I would never heal. This lead to so many


that haunted me for a very long time afterwards. I believed that because I had relapsed, I would never get better! I believed that I should beat myself up about it and be so disappointed in myself as to punish myself for my slip up. There’s good news though! I finally found the


and began down the road to recovery once again! We talked about the truths about relapse a few weeks ago. You can read about them here!

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