Not Perfect… But I’m Healing!

healingThe past few weeks during our Flashback Friday’s, I have shared some of my deepest and darkest moments. The recovery process was not easy. It was the hardest few months of my life. But with a lot of prayer, many hours of talking to counselors, and the belief that one day I would get better, I found a true joy and the daily struggle with depression, cutting and suicidal thoughts became easier. Each and every day is a challenge. Everyone has bad days. I simply learned that when the going gets rough I must remember to depend on God.


I have learned that I am going to have days were I am sad, days that I do not want to smile or be happy because I am simply sad. I have been through some tough times since then, but I take each day at a time, and each day I take a step forward. God has healed me and I believe he will use this story to help others who believe the same lies that SATAN put in my life.


What about you? What is your story? If you would like a chance to share your story, please feel free to fill out the form below. Your real name will not be used for Privacy issues. I would love to hear about your story of recovery, and share them on our upcoming “Story Saturdays” where we will share stories written by others who have struggled with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, or other mental health issues.

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