Fear Series | Taming the Nightmares

The following is the first installment of the Fear Series written by a lovely lady named Heather. Be sure to share your thoughts below!

My very first memory of experiencing fear was around 6 or 7 give or take, and I’m not talking about your everyday fear your normal kid has like being afraid of the dark (which I was). No the fear I had were nightmares that were so real to me that while having them I would arch my back and becoming soaked from stress sweating.

I had a variety of nightmares from your normal monsters in your closet to aliens abducting me (living in Arizona this was a common theme among people). But there were two nightmares that I had over and over again that were the worst of them all. The first one dream was about wolves breaking into my bedroom window and they ate my sister who slept on the bottom bunk (this dream started after hearing on the news of a two year old girl being killed by a pack of them). After having this dream a few times I told my sister she could have the top bunk and I will sleep on the bottom because if the wolves come they will eat me instead and I’ve lived longer than her (by 3 years). The logic of a child is amazing to me!no monsters

My second reoccurring nightmare is a creepy one, like a scene from a horror movie. I would find myself in a room at my aunt’s house and I see video clips of my past on the wall, followed by a baby crying. As I would try to find the baby I realize it’s coming from the wall so I begin to tear the wall down to find the baby and before I couldn’t ever save the baby I would always wake up. CREEPY RIGHT???

I have no idea why I had these dreams I was not allowed to watch scary movies nor did I want to, but I have always been easily scared.

Okay now on how I as a little girl tamed these nightmares. Of course sleeping with my parents was a sure fire fix but obviously I wasn’t allowed to sleep in there bed forever. My dad being a huge Carman fan was watching some of his music videos when I saw the “No Monsters” song. I felt empowered and every night I would sing that song before bed and gradually my faith took over and I no longer had any nightmares. After all Faith is the opposite of Fear!

Meet Heather!

Hi! I am Heather! this is meI have lived in Arizona, Oklahoma, and finally in North Carolina (where I was actually born). So needless to say I am able to pull off a western, mid-west, or southern accent depending on the situation. I was blessed to marry my high school sweetheart (aka the first boy I didn’t think had cooties) and we have now been married for 11 years. Together we have two girls and we will be welcoming a baby boy in January but we think it will be in December. Like most women I wear many hats: wife, mother, homeschool teacher, foodie, blogger, friend, and the list goes on. My life is crazy but God is showing me the beauty in the chaos.

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