Fear Series | I Wanna Come Home

I’ve always been younger than most people in my grade because I started school early, so it was something that I got used to for the most part. The first time I actually felt the magnitude of how young I truly was compared to everyone else was my first time going away from home to church camp at Falls Creek. My family was still fairly new to the church and the city so I didn’t have many friends to start with. unnamed

So here I am a fresh face 10 year old, that’s right 10 years old. I started 6th grade at the age of 10 and the youth camp was a combination of middle school and high school students. So needless to say I was highly intimidated by everyone and felt very small, which I actually was.


I think I made it my first night before becoming homesick and insisting that my parents come get me. I called them crying and my mom felt so bad she promised they would come visit me the next day. So as promised my parents show up and spend the day with and I couldn’t be happier but to my dismay they weren’t taking me back home with them. After they saw that I was okay and nothing was truly wrong other than being homesick they said it will be a growing experience for me to stay the rest of the week. Talk about being made to face your fears!


Even though watching them leave left a pit in my stomach and a river of tears on my face I am so glad they made me stay. I soon made many friends and also grew in my relationship with Jesus. Because of that moment my parents took a stand against fear for me I had one of the best summers of my young life and very willingly returned to youth camp each year. The last time I went was after I moved to another state and I even was brave enough to fly there on my own!! Sometimes when we can’t face our fears on our own we need help to overcome them and we always need Jesus to conquer them! (Tweet This).

Meet Heather!

Hi! I am Heather! this is meI have lived in Arizona, Oklahoma, and finally in North Carolina (where I was actually born). So needless to say I am able to pull off a western, mid-west, or southern accent depending on the situation. I was blessed to marry my high school sweetheart (aka the first boy I didn’t think had cooties) and we have now been married for 11 years. Together we have two girls and we will be welcoming a baby boy in January but we think it will be in December. Like most women I wear many hats: wife, mother, homeschool teacher, foodie, blogger, friend, and the list goes on. My life is crazy but God is showing me the beauty in the chaos.

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