We All Have A Story | Katie’s Story

I was asked to write this blog about my son’s diagnosis but I thought I’d give you a bit of back ground first. My husband and I were married and we waited a few years before trying to have children. When we started trying we quickly realized that there was a problem and headed to the doctor. After many tests and specialists we learnt that we weren’t able to have any children. I was an Early Childhood Educator and a Sunday School teacher God did not put me on this earth to not have children. So we started our journey with Jewels for Jesus . It’s a Christian organization that helps young mothers chose other alternatives to abortion. We started a family book so that a birth mother could chose us and started our road to adoption (not an easy one) with a home study. I was excited I had filled out the paper work and I wanted my husband to mail it as quick as possible. So on his way to his community band practice I had him go a different route to drop off our application… They don’t know why the University Law Student was standing in the middle of the road. She had rented a vehicle and it was in working order with gas and was running. She had just come from a bad job interview so maybe…

My husband swerved to avoid her vehicle missing her but hit her. She died immediately and our lives were changed. This meant we wouldn’t be able to adopt anytime soon because of potential criminal charges. Didn’t God know I was supposed to have a child.

Six months later our family Doctor sent us to a clinic in a neighbouring city where I did months and months of driving and blood tests, hormone treatments and disappointing results. However finally seven years into our marriage I was finally pregnant. Everything went well and MacKenze Douglas Steven Cole was born on his due date weighing 8lbs 3oz. He was a chubby baby and not very active he was content. However at the age of 2 ½ he went into what I thought was a growth spurt he stopped talking, drawing and socializing. I figured he’d grow out of it and he didn’t.

First he was tested for Autism but he was too young to get an accurate diagnosis. At age 7 we finally found out that a part of MacKenze’s brain isn’t working. His Pediatrics neurologist described it as childhood dementia . So this was my conversation with God, “ Oh come on! You did not put me on this earth to raise other people’s kids and not my own. Then finally I get one and he isn’t normal.” This is where I believe God smirks.

You see this child doesn’t think inside the box, he can’t. He is a six year old is a large 8 year old body. He wants to cuddle, have pillow fights and play Lego. We’ve been praying for a friend’s 8 year old son who has cancer and I found out that he passed away. I was anxiously worried about how I was going to explain it to MacKenze. He was ok because Maiysn’s with Jesus.

We can’t control what comes our way and if we’d just realize that and roll with the punches our lives would be so much easier. God is control and I am so glad that he is. (Tweet This). I don’t understand what he does sometimes but maybe I should be more like MacKenze and just stop thinking about it.

“For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord” Jeremiah 29 : 11

ktMrs. Kathleen Cole B.A., E.C.E is a wonderful member of the planet Earth. She shares the love of breathing, eating and sleeping with her fellow humans. She is a wife, mom, daughter, sister, cousin, co-worker, bff, Alpha teacher, photographer, and friend to many.

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