Change is inevitable. Progress is optional. ~ Tony Robbins.

Change. It is happening constantly all around us. Things are always changing; whether we like it or not! I read a quote recently that says “If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies.” ~Unknown. It got me thinking… If nothing ever changed, then our lives would be worthless. We would never grow. We would never mature. In fact… We wouldn’t even exist! So if change is so inevitable, then who do people dislike change?


Why do people resist change so often? I can’t say I have all the answers, but here are six reasons why I think people dislike change.

1. Uncertainty: Not knowing what to expect can cause a lot of anxiety and fear when it comes to change. Why would I want to make a change from my happy day to day life, if I am not sure what will come of it?

2. Embarrassment: People don’t like to be wrong. So what if this change brings me to a place where I have to admit I was wrong?

3. Laziness: Change is hard. Change means work. Why change when things seem to be going so well right now?

4. Fear of Failure: No one likes to fail. Not knowing if this change will bring success or failure can definitely defer people from wanting to make a change.

5. Fear of the Consequences: If I make this change, and something bad happens, I have to deal with that outcome. This could mean losing money, a relationship or even your pride.

6. Past Experiences: I made a change like this before, and it didn’t work. I don’t want to go through that again.

Although the fear of change can be hard, we still have to accept it. There really isn’t a away to fully avoid change. What we can do though, is minimize how painful change has to be! So how do we adjust to change?

Here’s seven steps to help you adjust to the change life throws at you.

1. Analyze the Situation: Take a step back and look at your situation from a distance. Sometimes removing yourself from the middle of it will help shed some light on what you are going through.

2. Remove the Negatives: That change isn’t what you thought it was going to be? That’s ok! Do not allow yourself to become negative because something didn’t work out. Instead, learn from your mistakes.

3. Refocus your Perspective: You’re sure this change is going to be too difficult? Take a different attitude. Decide that this change will bring good things to your life and swing with the punches.

4. Make it a Continuous Learning Process: We can always learn from our experiences in life, whether they are good or bad.

5. Welcome Challenges: Has this change brought you a new set of challenges? Welcome them with open arms! Challenges mean growth!

6. Be Patient: Change doesn’t always reap rewards immediately. Be patient and don’t rush things! Good things come to those who wait!

7. Let it Go: No, this does not mean sing the overplayed catchy tune from Frozen. Although, if that makes it easier, go for it! Let go of your past experiences. There’s nothing you can do with that now. Embrace the now! Embrace the change.


So what is the hardest thing you find about change? What changes are the hardest for you? Share them in the comments below!

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