Redefining Defying Shadows

As I sat down to create the Defying Shadows blogging plan for 2015, I realized I had never actually sat down and explained where Defying Shadows came from or why it started. Sure I wrote a blurb when I started the blog, explaining a little about where the idea came from, but I never dove into greater detail. So as this month comes to a close, I will be sharing a little more about what Defying Shadows is, why they started, and so much more.

Today’s question is….

Why Did We Get Started?

Defying Shadows started in the pink bedroom of my parents home, while I was down visiting during a school vacation. I cannot help but think that there is something special about this place. My love for writing and volunteerism began in the safety of these four walls and years later I am back here once again falling in love with writing and helping others.


When Defying Shadows started off it was just me, an old laptop, and a couple dozen thoughts and dreams swirling around in my head. Since then, Defying Shadows has hosted many guest posters and our team is continuing to grow with the addition of Melanie Pickett and the possibility of more to come within the approaching months.

But why did Defying Shadows begin? When I first had the idea I thought it would be a great name for a blog, and I wrote the simple explanation of what Defying Shadows meant. But once I had done that, I couldn’t help but want to write more. I began with writing my random thoughts and sharing my personal experiences. But when I hit the end of that bunny trail, I realized I wanted this to be so much more. I wanted Defying Shadows to be a place where people can go for help. A place where people can learn and grow. A place that will make a difference. I guess that is what brought us to where we are today. Sharing any sort of encouragement or advice that I can in order to help others who may be searching or suffering, just as I had. everydayisagift

Useful Links:

Learn more about Defying Shadows: here.

Learn more about our team: here.

Join our team:  here.


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