Redefining Defying Shadows | Our Mission

As I sat down to create the Defying Shadows blogging plan for 2015, I realized I had never actually sat down and explained where Defying Shadows came from or why it started. Sure I wrote a blurb when I started the blog, explaining a little about where the idea came from, but I never dove into greater detail. So as this month comes to a close, I will be sharing a little more about what Defying Shadows is, why they started, and so much more.

Today’s topic is….

missionOur Mission

What is the mission of Defying Shadows? In one simple statement, it is this…

“Defying Shadows mission to to spread awareness to those who do not understand mental illnesses and encouragement to those who struggle with them.”

Defying Shadows was created to take a stand against the stigma of mental illness, and help those who are effected by it. Whether it is the person diagnosed or the people surrounding them. Either way, Defying Shadows get their “power” by taking a stand and making a difference. So tell me, are you ready to join us and take a stand?

Useful Links:

Learn more about Defying Shadows: here.

Learn more about our team: here.

Join our team:  here.

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