Redefining Defying Shadows | Our Vision

As I sat down to create the Defying Shadows blogging plan for 2015, I realized I had never actually sat down and explained where Defying Shadows came from or why it started. Sure I wrote a blurb when I started the blog, explaining a little about where the idea came from, but I never dove into greater detail. So as this month comes to a close, I will be sharing a little more about what Defying Shadows is, why they started, and so much more.

Today’s topic is….


Defying Shadows’ vision is that …

  • there be no more stigma.
  • that people with mental illnesses won’t have a reason to feel afraid to seek help.
  • that people supporting those with mental illness would have the resources and knowledge needed to support them fully.

Our vision is that there will be a drastic change for the better when it comes to dealing with people’s “shadows.”

Useful Links:

Learn more about Defying Shadows: here.

Learn more about our team: here.

Join our team:  here.

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