Love, Break-Ups and Life

“In honour of Valentine’s day this upcoming Saturday, Defying Shadows is doing a week on the different valentine shadows that can make this time of year a bit difficult. Today Kavesh will be sharing his thoughts and story on Breaking-Up. Remember, breaking up may be hard, but your story is not over yet! Enjoy! ~Nichole”

Before I met you I never knew what it is like to smile for no reason and now when you have gone, I find reasons to smile. Break-up. A word so painful that it can make stone melt. Imagine building a house of cards, staying up all night long and with just a single blow you are left with nothing but a heap of shattered dreams. A moment that can only make you cry, no other feeling seems true.

Break-ups are as painful as the end of a lifetime. “This too shall pass”, the only hope to stay calm. It needs a real big heart to accept that whatever you lived and nurtured was a lie. When I faced break-up it not just broke my heart but also my confidence, my self-esteem and my ambitions. It was just a numb moment which cannot be felt, it just came and went, no fancy talking, no forecast. Just a hit on your head and you are numb. I had my first break-up in high school and trust me it was one of the most painful things I have ever survived. Sometimes you think God has other plans for me and then you try to move on, but is it your partner you are running away from or is it yourself?

It took me weeks to accept the fact that I was single again and I that I had no one to ask or tell about my daily dos. It is like pretending that the person who was with you the entire span of relationship is dead. No calls, no texting, nothing. You find a reason to calm yourself and the emotional breakout that comes with the break-up. The worst of all is that every person you know constantly reminds you of your ex, making it more miserable. Thoughts of giving up or indulging into substances seems like the easiest options to cope up. Imagine that the person who was the first or maybe the only one to share everything with you doesn’t even want to see your face. Those small acquaintances with people seems tasteless and imposed. The only thing you are left with is loneliness. No plans, no appointments basically no routine seems to make you happy.

Slowly and steadily you start enjoying this loneliness, those sad songs start becoming your favourite and you start exploring your own self. I feel that this is the only good part about break up.

“Breaking up doesn’t have to be the end! Remember that even though it hurts now, you do not need to give up! There is someone out there that is perfect for you! Take this time as a blessing to re-evaluate and remind yourself who you are as a person. What defines you? Who are you? Share in the comments below!” ~Nichole

kaveshHi! I am Kavesh Khanna aka Kay! I am 23, studying film, self-proclaimed poet writer. Nomadic in nature but on a self-imposed house arrest, biking enthusiast, saving for very first love Royal Enfield. My ethnicity is Indian but I believe nationalism is sickness. I am an aspiring faculty for films in India as well as abroad. My vision for life is to clear not more than what I need, not less than what I deserve. Dream,vision and change are three words describe me best.

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