Common Misconceptions About Self-Esteem

“In honour of Valentine’s day this upcoming Saturday, Defying Shadows is doing a week on the different valentine shadows that can make this time of year a bit difficult. Today Melanie Stroud will be sharing some common misconceptions of Self-Esteem.  Enjoy! ~Nichole”

What exactly is self-esteem? Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself. Society feeds us one misconception about self-esteem after the other and I think its time someone told the truth, so here we go.

  1. You have to fit a specific body type to be beautiful

No. That makes absolutely no sense. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and you deserve to know that. Eating a salad because you genuinely enjoy them? Hey, that’s cool. Eating a salad because you’re afraid to gain an ounce? Oh, oh no. Put down the celery, you are not a rabbit. Go to McDonald’s, eat a Big Mac. They are heavenly.

  1. You must keep up with the latest trends

Do you know who is most likely to wear the “hottest trends” honestly? The ones who can afford them, which leaves those of us who can’t feeling like outcasts. We’re not. You’re not. Wear what you like, when you like, unapologetically. Confidence is hot.

  1. Someone else has to love you before you can love yourself

I’ve fallen victim to this mindset, but no more. I sound like a hypocrite because I’m currently in a relationship, but whatever, hear me out. Solitude is beautiful. You don’t want to take a trip with me across the country just because we can? Cool, I’ll go by myself. You don’t want to go see a movie with me? I don’t care, you’re an aisle hog and you talk too much anyway.

You are not who people say you are, you are not defined by a relationship and you are not defined by your present or future circumstances. You are whomever you say you are and that, my friend, is beautiful.

picMy name is Melanie Stroud. I am a writer, a lover, an ordinary girl living an extraordinary life, and I approve this message!

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