“In honour of Valentine’s day this upcoming Saturday, Defying Shadows is doing a week on the different valentine shadows that can make this time of year a bit difficult. Today Saima Shams will be sharing her thoughts on Self-Image.  Enjoy! ~Nichole”

Self-image is the process of entitlement one goes through along life. The body we posses, people we meet, milestones we achieve, they all have an impact on our personality. Self-image is the result of a complex inner journey.
Relationships, praises, passions and accomplishments of life they are all among the important elements for making a person who they are. We tend to have a high self-esteem and positive self-image of ourselves when life is being kind and fortunate to us according to our own standards. And as soon as hurdles are thrown at us we begin doubting our beliefs and existence. Apart from that, acceptance in society, acceptance from the closed ones and acquaintances play a pivotal role in the foundation of self belief.

Self-image is also about revealing the best about one’s personality. Contrary to this, some people assume highly and unrealistic of their endeavors and overestimate themselves, that is a view of misinterpreting one’s self-image. To an extent we see what people want us to see about them. For example, people hiding their fears, anxieties, insecurities or diseases to put on a good face in public to show power, to achieve respect status, wealth and sometimes favorable fate.

Building positive self-image is a conscious and continuous effort. Maintaining a positive image requires bulk of mental training which requires dealing with negative thoughts, noises, fears etc until it becomes a mental habit on an auto pilot. The most important factor is appreciating and respecting you. Being realistic about you and projecting your best effects greatly how people look at you. You should not only believe in your abilities and potentials but also be realistic about the limitations and short comings. Accept achievements and failures and balance out your Self image. One doesn’t need to be a high achiever or a filthy rich man or have the best relationships tags on the shoulders to prove the strength, he needs a positive and assertive frame of mind even when things are like a ball of wax whether sticky or easy.

It is a perk of life to be surrounded with friends and loved one’s who help us keep the life beat up, keep tapping you on back in low times to lift up the spirit. We all need such a cozy cushion of humanity to sit on. In addition, the above environment, sandwiched between healthy appetite and exercise, provides support to create a peaceful being. Although, life is a constant process of progress, it is up to us with what attitude we like to take in the yummy and bitter bites of reality. Adopting healthy habits and lifestyle for a better well-being, better emotional and physical health.

Our body is greatly affected by our thought process so learning relaxing methods do have better effects, and the most important thing is to never stop learning. Learn to accept, learn to adapt, learn to move on, and learn to be happy for a high self-esteem and a positive self-image. After all, it doesn’t matter what people think, it matters who you are.

imagesMy name is Saima Shams and I am a 3rd character artist/animator by profession. I studied painting and sculpture. My personal interests vary from Art and Animation to Behavioral Science, Psychology and Photography. I would really like to explore and learn as much as I can and transfer my expertise into writing.

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