#LOVEALWAYS | The Importance of Sleep

This week we will be doing a series called #LoveAlways where we talk about different aspects of taking care of yourself. Today, Priya Menon will share with us the importance of sleep! Remember the best thing you can do to take care of yourself is to love yourself no matter what! Enjoy! ~ Nichole

In today’s world, with our careers and making a comfortable life for ourselves and our loved ones, we give up on a lot of things. We try to make the candle burn on both ends to meet our own expectations of what we want from life. We come to a point where some of us don’t believe that 24 hours in a day is no longer enough for us to accomplish our “to do” list, that we are willing to give up on sleep.

We do not realize the importance of those 6 hours or 8 hours of sleep that our body requires itself to charge like our gadgets require for it to be fully charged and functional again. Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being through our lives. Good amount of sleep every day aid in maintaining a healthy balance between mental, physical health and quality of life.


We tend to sleep more when we are sick more often with an infection or develop a fever. Right amount of sleep boosts our immunity to help you heal faster. Prolonged lack of sleep can be harmful to your immunity system and will not help you in healing faster or ward off the bugs.

Slimming Effect

Lack of sleep also helps you in putting on more weight. Studies show that lack of sleep shows reduced levels of leptin which in turn leads to increased levels of ghrelin, the hunger-stimulating hormone.

Mental Well-being

Lack of sleep or not enough sleep makes you crabby and irritable. Long term of lack of proper sleep might lead disorders such as depression and anxiety. People who usually tend to have depression and anxiety can sometimes have issues with lack of sleep.


Various studies show that prolonged lack of sleep leads to increase risk of having diabetes. Missing deep sleep leads to changing the way the body processes glucose which leads to diabetes to in a lot of individuals.

Stroke Risk

Lack of sleep can also increase your risk for a stroke, especially if your family history has a chronic risk factor of stroke issues. Adults who sleep less than 6 hours are more prone to strokes.

Memory Loss

When you are most tired is also when you are more prone to forgetfulness and unfocused. The lesser we sleep, more we suffer from memory storing properties of sleep. Lack of sleep can also cause brain deterioration.

Bone Damage

Studies show that the lack of sleep also causes osteoporosis. Research shows lack of sleep causes changes in bone mineral density which leads to osteoporosis.

Cancer Risk

People who sleep less or have short and poor sleep also tend to have certain types of cancer risk. Six hours of sleep a night in a person has also been linked to an increase in recurrence of breast cancer patients.

Moi EditedHi, I am Priya Menon, an Executive assistant by profession. Writing is a passion that I recently realized always have been an avid book reader. Until recently was just a reader, few months go pottered around in content writing and realized that i enjoy it as much as I enjoy reading.

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