#LOVEALWAYS | 10 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health

This week we will be doing a series called #LoveAlways where we talk about different aspects of taking care of yourself. Today, we will be talking about taking care of your Mental Health! Remember the best thing you can do to take care of yourself is to love yourself no matter what! Enjoy! ~ Nichole

The most important part of taking care of yourself (in my books anyways) is taking care of your mental health! Here are ten ways to do just that!

1. Talk about your feelings:

Talking about your feelings is a great way to help you deal with hard times. Talking to a friend or another member of your support systems can help you stay positive and give you the support you need.

2. Eat Healthy:

Did you know that there are other benefits to eating healthy than just being healthy and strong? What and how we eat effects how we feel! If you are eating junk food continuously, you’ll tend to feel less good than if you eat a salad!

3. Keep in touch:

On Monday we talked about Support Systems! It’s so important that we had to mention it again! Talking to friends and family can make you feel included, accepted and cared for. Friends and family can help keep you on the path to success and help keep you accountable.

4. Take a Break:

A change in scenery and pace can help you rejuvenate and de-stress. This doesn’t have to be a long break; taking five minutes to wash some dishes or straighten your desk can be all that you need!

5. Accept Who You Are:

Not one of us are the same. That’s what makes us special. Be sure to love yourself and appreciate all the quirks that make you, you.

6. Stay Active:

Did you know that exercise releases chemicals in your brain that help you feel good? Regular exercise can also boost your self-esteem as well as stabilize your concentration, sleep and overall health.

7. Drink Responsibly:

If you must drink, be sure to drink carefully. Remember, although you might feel better when you drink, the feeling is only temporary and when it wears off, there is a good chance you will feel even worse.

8. Ask for Help:

Remember, no one is perfect. We all have times where things aren’t going as planned, or we are tired and overwhelmed. It is always okay to ask for help!

9. Enjoy Yourself:

Do things that you enjoy; things you are good at. What is something you do that you lose yourself in? Enjoying yourself can help beat stress, and doing things you are good at will help boost self-esteem.

10. Care for Others:

Doing things for others will help you feel better about yourself. Not only this, but it will keep relationships healthy and bring people closer to you.

So there you have it! Ten ways to take care of your mental health. Any other ideas? Share them in the comments below!

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