Dream a BIG Dream

What are your dreams? Everyone has dreams or at least everyone should. Do you know that God has dreams for you too? Doesn’t that concept make you feel so enveloped in His love knowing He has dreams for you?

In fact, when you were in your mother’s womb, when God was knitting together all the elements that make up your whole person, He included all the characteristics and tools that you’d eventually need to fulfill His plans and dreams for you. He was already preparing and equipping you to do big things!

If you’re like me, maybe you’ve convinced yourself somewhere along the line that “big dreams” were meant for other people. When God said He has plans for you (and me and everyone!) in Jeremiah 29:11, He meant all of us, including me and you!

What have you been dreaming of? What’s that recurring daydream that has you saying to yourself “If only…”, sighing, and wishing it was so? You know the one, that dream that simply seems too grand to come true. Or so you thought.

Do you have a dream of returning to school? Do you wish to once and for all finish your college degree that got set aside because you were busy living life or other things needed to be put first? (I have that dream!)

Are you dreaming of a promotion at work that you’d love to ask for but just aren’t quite sure you’re qualified and are too afraid to be rejected?

Is the subject of your daydream a grand travel adventure, flying off to your bucket list destination?

If it’s important to you and a deep desire you have, then it’s important to God too. He loves you so much and He wants you to be happy.  If it matters to you, it matters to Him.

A few months ago, traveling was a “someday” dream for me.  I so wanted to travel to Europe and my daughter was living my dream. She had earned and raised the money to join a school travel group and tour Paris and Rome. I was elated for her, having achieved something so huge at such a young age. Here I was, not even considering being able to join her. Surely I couldn’t spend that kind of money on me. Because of health issues I hadn’t been able to work steadily in months and we didn’t have extra money laying around to enable me to fly across the world.



But God provided and He did so in a way I wouldn’t have thought of for a trip I didn’t plan to participate in. But when God planted the idea in my head and heart, I could scarcely believe that such greatness was possible for me. But He spoke to me. Not in an audible voice but spoke into my heart that yes, indeed, He wanted big things for me and He put into motion something quite fantastic.  I need to expect great blessings and be prepared to receive them!

Needless to say, through some unexpected blessings, my Father who loves me so much, worked out perfect details and I joined my daughter on this trip.  It was a huge blessing and an adventure indeed. I’d never even been on a plane until this trip!  It was a learning trip for me…about history, about myself, and mostly, about God’s world and provision.  And what a grand gift to be able to experience this with my girl.

God has big God-size dreams for you. He does! You are worthy of beautiful things and experiences. Bring the dreams you hold dear and lay them at His feet and pray on them. Ask for His guidance and see what He has for you in starting the ground work for bringing your aspirations to life. Could you take one class per semester and earn your degree over time? Are scholarships available? What would it take to earn that promotion? What’s the best way to approach your boss and highlight your worthiness? How much would your bucket list trip cost? Could you find any discounts or cheaper travel options? What if you gave up some extras like new clothes you don’t really need or eating out or both? What if you put that money you saved into a special fund for your trip? Over time, you’ll have that trip and along the way, I’ll bet you’ll find more ways to save for it and arrive at your destination that much sooner.

Some of your dreams are meant to come to fruition and with a little hard work and a lot of determination, you make it happen. Seek His will. Claim His promises and set about chasing after His big dreams for you!

One thought on “Dream a BIG Dream

  1. I tend to think that dreams are for children. Praise God that His dreams for me didn’t fade away on my 18th birthday. Thank you for the encouraging word, Melanie.

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