#MUSICMONDAYS | Touch of Grey

“I will get by, I will survive”, the exact thing you need to say when aging seems to be getting you down. Whether you’re thirteen turning fourteen and heading into high school, eighteen turning nineteen and heading into college, or nearly in your sixties and considering retiring, aging will take its toll on everybody. The song Touch of Grey by Grateful Dead is exactly what that song is about.

Now, Grateful Dead was all about trying to create lyrics with a “deep meaning”, but really, they don’t have much of a meaning at all. Example: “cows are giving kerosene”. Kerosene is basically a lighter fluid, for all of those who don’t know, and it’s generally not something that cows give.. And although I know cows produce an abusing of methane gas, which very well may be flammable, it’s not to my knowledge anyway, quite the same thing as kerosene. Now it may or may not have meaning, but I prefer to assume they were just having fun with words. So, my point to this is not to fret if you don’t quite hear the meaning in all of the lyrics, just bare with me and look at the whole picture.

My favourite lyrics in the song are “Every silver linings got a Touch of Grey, I will get by, I will survive”, and I’m sure that just by looking at the lyrics, you can understand what it’s talking about; even the bright side of things has a little bit of darkness, but no matter what, I will survive this and carry on. Who doesn’t relate to that? When you’re aging, new struggles are piling down on you everyday, but still, you will get by, you will survive. You’re not expected to “look to the bright side of things” and see everything as a sunny day with no clouds. Everybody will see a rain cloud or two, but that’s no reason to look back to the dark side of things and give up.

In the end of the song, it switches from “I will get by” to “WE will get by”, because the narrator (if you will), realizes that he’s not along after all, and so many people in this chaotic world are all chanting the same thing to a different beat. It’s just a little difficult to hear that others are saying the same things as you when its a crowded, jumbled up mess.

Well, as the lyrics go “I see you’ve got your list out, say your piece and get out”, I shan’t ramble any longer. I hope you enjoyed reading, and I hope you take it to heart!

Screenshot_2015-03-01-16-11-48Hi! My names Hannah! There’s not much to say about me, aside from the old adage “I love to write” or “music is my passion!”. I’m basically just a die hard fan of old music and a firm believer that music will take part in healing the world. I graduate high school this year and I have absolutely no idea what direction my life will take me in but I’m trusting God and following His lead. I’m beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to write a few guest posts and share a little about my passion! So grab a cup of tea, settle down, stay a while, and enjoy your read!

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