Spread the Positivity!

Ever notice how if you smile at someone else it brings a smile to their face? How about when you say something kind to someone else? There are so many ways where you can do something kind and positive to someone else and brighten their day.

I used to think I would have to do something drastic to make a change in others lives. I thought I would have to buy them something or do something for them. It wasn’t until I was having a really rough day and someone stopped me and said, “Hey! You’re doing a great job!” that I realized that a simple sentence… or short string of words, can bring a smile to ones face and change the whole course of their day.

So today as you go on with your day, be sure to smile at people as you walk by. Be sure to say something kind, reassuring or encouraging to someone and be sure to let me know how it goes in the comments below!



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