#WISDOMWEEKEND | 2 Timothy 1:7

For the months of March and April, Defying Shadows will be dedicating their weekends to sharing Wisdom from the Bible! Be on the lookout for some great posts from some great guest posters, past and new! Today, we welcome back a past Guest Poster, Sorena! ~Nichole

“Activating the Spirit that is within us”

 “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.”

2 Timothy 1: 7

As Christians we tend to forget that when we accept Christ as our Savior He gives us His Spirit. We don’t even recognize that the Spirit is in us and is always with us. We use words like” Lord send us your Spirit”, but what we have to do activate the Spirit that is already within. You ask “How can I do that?” Well I’m glad that you asked. I will share with you some ways you can activate the spirit within.


  1. Get to know your Creator

Now this took me some time to do. When I was new in my faith I had no new clue who Jesus was I just knew that he was my Savior and that He died for my sins. I knew I had to learn more about Him in order to be strong in my walk. I had to be intentional about reading my bible and knowing what it says about God. The way we learn about stuff is through manuals, books, or some source that is an expert. So in order to know about our Creator we have to read about him. The bible is best source to learn about your Creator and his characteristics.


  1. Spending quality time with God

One-on-one time is extremely important. Just like when you start a new relationship or friendship; you desire to spend so much time with the person. You learn everything about them. You ask lots of questions and you make it a priority for you two to have alone time. This is how we should be with God. It helps us to develop that relationship and intimacy we long for. I preferably like to spend my alone time with God in the morning and at night. I’m starting this new thing were some evenings I will shut down for a few hours and connect with God through writing, song, and reading. God is a priority and we must spend time with Him.


  1. Praise and Worship

We must open our mouths and hearts to pour out our greatest admirations about God. We learn how to praise and worship God when we know him and his characteristics and spend quality time with him. You can praise God by simply thanking Him for things He has done and who He is. You can worship him by telling him all the things you love about him.


Once we activate the spirit within we will see power, love, and self-discipline emulate in our lives. To the person who reads this I challenge you step out the Spirit of fear (timid) and activate the spirit that God has given you within.


I want you to carefully read through this challenge:

  1. Find a scripture or a book in the bible that tells you one or two things about God.
  2. Take 5-10 minutes out of your day and spend one-on-one time with God whatever way feels comfortable to you whether it’s prayer, writing, singing, or reading.
  3. Write a list of things you are thankful for or find a good worship song: I like Vashawn Mitchell song “God my God”

Blessings on your challenge!! Remember that you do not have to dwell in fear because the spirit God gave us is within us and all you need to do is Activate!!!

unnamedSorena Eaddy, a native of Wilmington, Delaware, is an author, inspirational speaker, and minister in training. She is the author of the 31 Day Devotional Book “The Word of the Day Transforming you into God’s Exquisite Masterpiece.” She is an instrument in spreading the good news about Christ to young people and helping them transform their lives for the Kingdom of God. She believes you’re never too young, or too old, to live for Christ. Sorena shares her love of service in the community by volunteering with various youth groups and mentoring young women. To learn more about Sorena Eaddy and to purchase a copy of her book visit her website at www.sorenale.com.

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