For the months of March and April, Defying Shadows will be dedicating their weekends to sharing Wisdom from the Bible! Be on the lookout for some great posts from some great guest posters, past and new! Today, Melanie P will share her thoughts on Luke 1:37! ~Nichole

For with God nothing shall be impossible. ~ Luke 1:37

Another version of that verse says “For the word of God will never fail.” What do these translations tell us? Two things:

1. Nothing is impossible when we have God.

2. We can always count on His word.

It’s sometimes hard to really grasp God’s word and claim it for our own lives. Does God really have a future and a hope for me? Will He really direct my paths? Yes! God is there for the taking, His goodness there for the asking. I think we too often sell ourselves short. None of His mercy and love is “deserved.” It’s a gift! We don’t need to be good enough or faithful enough, to get on our knees and ask for what He has for us. He’s just waiting for us to ask!


God is for us and wants us to come to Him with our concerns and fears, successes and triumphs. He wants to share in everything we do and feel. If you’re a parent, imagine how excited you are to hear all the details of the big dance or how school went when your child gets home. We are elated when our child comes to us seeking comfort or advice. We delight in them! We live to support, love, and protect our children. How much more does God love us and waits for us to meet Him and talk. We can do all things through Him. Nothing is impossible when we are walking with God!

IMG_5227Melanie Pickett is a writer and blogger and is currently completing her first nonfiction book. She has battled Crohn’s disease and complications, has a now-healthy son who was born prematurely under challenging circumstances, and survived a 15-year abusive marriage and her first husband’s mental illness and eventual suicide. A wife and mother of two, she loves Red Wings hockey, reading, playing piano, and traveling adventures.

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