#MentalHealthMonth | Dyslexia

For the month of May, Defying Shadows will be joining the Mental Health Awareness Month by sharing a post daily on a different type of Mental Illness or “Shadow” that people commonly struggle with. Join us in creating awareness and working to end the stigma that goes with these topics! Today we have Nichole Howson sharing on Dyslexia. ~ Defying Shadows Team

Dyslexia is a neurological and sometimes genetic condition that results in a specific reading disability due to the brain’s unique processing of graphic symbols. The brain alters the way the brain processes written material and is typically characterized by an individual having difficulty in word recognition, spelling and decoding. It is important to remember that Dyslexia is in no way related to one’s intelligence. There are some common myths of having Dyslexia. Myth #1: You can outgrow dyslexia. Dyslexia is a life-long condition due to the difference in the way the brain processes information. There are however many specific tools that can help the person with dyslexia learn to read effectively. Myth #2: Dyslexia is a vision problem. Vision therapies work for eye problems but will not fix reading difficulties. People with dyslexia do not “see” things backwards, but rather, their brain processes this information differently. Myth #3: Dyslexia affects mostly boys. Dyslexia affects boys and girls in the same proportions. Myth #4: There is something wrong with the dyslexic brain. The dyslexic brain is actually larger, typically much more creative than the average brain, and has the ability to be highly innovative. The brain simply wants to learn to read differently than the average brain.

profile (2)Nichole is a Social Media Marketing Manager and a Non-Profit Movement supporter. She grew up on a farm where she learned what it means to work hard and what is involved in being successful. She is an avid coffee lover who enjoys a good movie or book. She takes great joy in organizing, scheduling, and volunteering. Her passion for volunteerism extends specifically to those who are hurting, whether it is emotionally, physically, or mentally. Nichole is certified to provide Mental Health First Aid, which means she can provide immediate support and guidance in a safe environment, comfortably have a conversation about mental health related issues and offer professional and other supports. This does NOT make Nichole a psychologist, or a counselor. It simply gives her the tools to direct people to the help they need. You can follow Nichole on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, and Linkedin.

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