#WeAllHaveAStory | Krystyn’s Story

I truly believe in God’s provision and that He has a plan for our lives.

I was just two months old when I came to stay with my family. I hear stories of the living conditions I was in and if I had stayed where I was, I wouldn’t have survived. If it wasn’t for God speaking into my parents’ lives I probably wouldn’t be here today. They always wanted a baby girl and patiently waited 10 years till God brought her to them J

I feel like I was given a second chance in life. I could never underestimate God’s unconditional love He has for us. He cares that much to make sure I’m taken care of so I can fulfill the calling He has for me.

I struggle a lot with the feeling of rejection. Every once in awhile I feel like people in my life are going to leave me whether it’s family or relationships. Although I know that’s not the case, in the back of my mind I still get these feelings. I believe these feelings stem back to when I was adopted. After years of feeling this way, over the last few years I’ve let God step in and heal that part of my life. Although I still struggle with it from time to time, I don’t let those feelings rule my life anymore.

I know that God is bigger than that feeling and God is going to use these experiences through my life. I believe that because of all that I’ve been through it has made me want to love on kids who don’t have a lot or who just needs someone there for them. Kids are my heart and I can’t wait to continue on the path God has for me to work with them!

unnamedKrystyn Slauenwhite works within her family business Sojourn Signs in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Some of her passions include writing, working with kids, being with family and friends and traveling. She is continuing to further her interest in the business world.

You can follow Krystyn on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and her personal Blog.

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