Five Reasons Why You Should Worry

For Fridays, I love to occasionally write a Friday Five post where I share five things I like, products I’m keen about, or five things I’ve learned lately. Here are five reasons you should worry:

  • Worry is good for your health: It makes you feel good and lowers your blood pressure. It makes you less anxious and is quite comforting and relaxing.
  • Worry helps you sleep at night: Worry calms your mind. It clears your thoughts and helps you to be able to rest with ease.
  • Worry helps you draw closer to God: Worry proves that you’re trusting Him and not relying on yourself.
  • Worry solves problems: Worrying makes things better. Whatever is going on, if you worry about it enough, that will improve the situation.
  • Worry is what God tells us to do: Right??

Pray. Listen. Live

Wrong!  As you’ve already guessed, none of the above is true. Worry is not good for your health: quite the contrary. Worry can cause you to feel ill and be ill. It can cause stomach issues, anxiety, even pain!

Worry doesn’t not help you sleep at night; it keeps you awake! You toss and turn and fret and ruminate over every possible scenario.

Worry puts space between you and God. When you’re worrying and trying to solve all the issues of the day yourself, then you’re not trusting Him to do what He promises to: Take care of you!

Worry solves absolutely nothing. It doesn’t make you feel good and it certainly doesn’t fix anything.

God tells us not to worry! In fact, He commands us to cast all our anxieties on Him. Lay everything at His feet and He will wrap you and me and all of us in His capable and loving arms and He will handle it. Let Him!

Be encouraged for He is still in control,

Melanie Pickett Flying Blonde

Meet Melanie P:

IMG_5227Melanie Pickett is a writer and blogger and is currently completing her first nonfiction book. She has battled Crohn’s disease and complications, has a now-healthy son who was born prematurely under challenging circumstances, and survived a 15-year abusive marriage and her first husband’s mental illness and eventual suicide. A wife and mother of two, she loves Red Wings hockey, reading, playing piano, and traveling adventures.

You can follow Melanie on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and her personal Blog.

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