There are many misconceptions, stigmas and views about Counseling within our society.

In general Counseling can be a confusing term and it often has a different meaning for different people.

Within this post I will be talking about the positive aspects of Counseling and breaking some of those myths about Counseling as well.

Over the past 13 years I have been fortunate enough to have worked for an organization in Sydney that has provided a Counseling service within the community for individuals, couples and family to help them work through, resolve their personal relationship issues in a safe non-judgmental fashion where everyone is treated equally and with respect.

So what is counseling and how can it help us?

Counseling is the process that occurs when both you and counselor set aside time on a weekly to fortnightly basis in order to explore difficulties that you many have been going through which may include stressful or emotional feelings.

A counselor can help you by seeing things more clearly, possibly from a different view-point.

This can help you focus on your feelings, experiences or behavior, with a goal to facilitate positive change. Ultimately a relationship of trust is built.

Confidentiality is paramount to successful counseling, and a professional counselor will usually explain their policy on confidentiality, they may, however, be required by law to disclose information if they believe that there is a risk to life.

There are many myths surrounding counseling. Below are a couple of myths about counseling that I will break by helping give you a better understanding of the positive benefits of counseling:

Myth: Counseling is unnecessary when you can just talk to a good friend

Fact: There’s a belief in our culture that simply the support of a good friend can substitute for therapy.  Social support is important for everyone, especially when you’re super stressed.

Counseling is very different from relationships with friends and family.

Counselors are highly trained professionals who are highly trained professionals who have spent years learning and practicing how to diagnose and treat cognitive emotional, behavioral and relational issues.

Also in counseling you can let it all hang out. With friends you’re more likely to censor yourself, either because you don’t want to hurt their feelings or portray yourself or others in a bad light.

Myth: Counseling is too expensive

Fact: Price prohibits many people seeking therapy.  But there’s actually a wide range in fees.

Counseling prices can range from fee in some community clinics to almost-lawyer hourly rates in the top private practices.  Some counselors offer their clients a sliding fee based on their income.

AmandaAmanda Ogden is from Sydney Australia, and has spent the past 13 years working within the welfare industry in both administration and case management assisting people with mental health issues, mild intellectual disabilities, acquired brain injuries, drug & alcohol, homelessness gain employment. She also loves traveling, creating jewellery, music, friends and family.

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