Have you ever wanted to do something so bad in your life but felt like something was holding you back? For me, that’s being shy. I don’t regret anything that’s happened in my life but I feel like I’ve also missed out on a lot of things because I’ve always been a shy person. It would be easy for me to just let that continue but I’m making a choice to not.
In 2011-2012 I attended Bible college. I’m still blessed when I think back on how honored I was to be able to have that experience. That experience really helped me discover who I am and some of the things I feel called too. I was able to focus. It was still one of the best experiences I’ve had! Unfortunately, I didn’t fully allow myself to grow in that year. Why? Because I was such a shy person and didn’t fully allow myself to open up and try new things and let myself stretch and grow to my full potential.
It is never too late! As long as I’m breathing there is still a purpose. Still a chance for me to grow. There is still so many opportunities out there!
Something I’ve done in the past is wrote down my goals. Most of the time I was able to check off just about all of them. I encourage not only myself to write them down again but for you to give that a chance as well 🙂 that way you have it right there in front of you and have that feeling of accomplishment every time you check them off!!
I picked the title Shine because once we go after our goals and what we are passionate about we will start to truly shine! We will begin to see ourselves more full of joy and passion so much that others will see that and be attracted and encouraged by that!

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