#WeAllHaveAStory | LizZ’s Story

Six years ago my life changed dramatically. It was instantaneous in the sense that I hadn’t been paying attention closely enough over the last year or so to notice. One day on my bus ride to work, I had my first attack. It was an insane feeling I just couldn’t shake. For the first time in my life, I was claustrophobic, and I. Needed. OUT.

I spent at least a half hour walking up and down a busy street trying to go to work, then trying to go home. From a very early age I have been taught that if you can get out of bed, you can go to school/work. So I fought and fought and fought. Finally home won…unfortunately for my work.

From that day on it was downhill. I had worked a good 6 years from college out at 60 hour work weeks, no vacation (who needs a vacation when you’re to busy to have friends or loved ones the rest of the time!?), no nothing.

When I lost that job, for some reason I just couldn’t pick up the effort to find a new one. Government assistance stepped in at that point for the first time in my adult life, I was dependent and reliant on someone else taking care of my financial needs. I was sent to the typical job hunting forums and workshops, for which one was a HUGE help for me.

Because I am legally deaf ( fully deaf in my left ear from birth, and slowly loosing the majority of my right ear due to strain), I was able to attend one on one sessions with a work specialist. She was seeing what I had been feeling for a long time, but couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

My depression was getting worse, I could barely ever get out of bed. My energy level most days was honestly…non existent. I was frustrated, sad, lonely …so very lonely. The voices came and went, the more often they came the louder they got.

Finally this counselor worked with another counselor I had at another location, and got me in immediately to a psychiatrist. Normally this can take months and sometimes a year. I was really blessed looking back on that time. I don’t know what I would have done without it. This psychiatrist tested me on several drugs to help with my depression and anxiety. Some made me more tired than ever before and some gave me an anger I hadn’t felt in years over the silliest things.

Finally…Finally I got a diagnosis I had a form of schizophrenia. It wasn’t the normal symptoms though, so she was a bit confused. Mine tended to come and go. The voices came and went, my energy levels came and went, and so did my anxiety and depression.

With this confusion I had a full blood draw and work up to see if I had any deficiencies that would explain these symptoms and how sporadic they were. Two full weeks after, we finally had a complete understanding,

You could say I have a form of schizophrenia, but I don’t. See, I am B12 and Iron anemic. B12 deficiencies have been linked to so many health problems and diseases. For instance it is now being studied as the leading cause of Alzheimer.

Both the B12 and the Iron anemia led to my incredibly low energy levels and the B12 is why my brain was going into hyper drive. I was placed on multivitamins, extra B12 and extra iron supplements to try and balance everything out.

While most days it does work, I do have my bad days still. Depression still creeps in for a visit now and then. I’m constantly having to up my dosages as my lifestyle and food allergies have changed. But now instead of going to a psychiatrist ( although she was great for helping with past traumas I didn’t know how to deal with ), I now get blood work drawn and my vitamins changed up.

I personally don’t like medications, so if I can change my diet to accommodate rather than medicate, I do. I once read that B12 is the leading cause of most “abnormalities” of the brain (meaning depression, anxiety, PTSD etc.). Recently however, I read an article that may actually prove that. A study was done in Japan, that showed over years of watching B12 levels (and a couple of others) that there Alzheimer diagnosis rates had gone down.

So if I was to give anyone advice on depression, anxiety, etc. It would be to go get your blood work done and tested. Check everything. You never know what could lead to what. My doctor thankfully is great about that.


Untitled design (1)Hi, I am LizZ! I am a wife obsessed with saving money and growing my own groceries. I like to show people how easy it actually is to grow produce of any amount ANYWHERE. I talk about saving money, paying off debt, and personal experience stories. I believe that if you are going to spend your hard earned money than you should know everything you can about the product you plan to buy, which is why I also do reviews on products. Everything from beauty products to household products that make your life happier and easy(er).

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