#12DaysofThanksgiving: Melanie’s Thoughts on Thankfulness

Depending on what country in which you reside, Thanksgiving may be approaching faster for you than for others.  My family and I have another month and then some until we feast on turkey, fixings, cranberry sauce, pies, and my comfort food: mashed potatoes.

But no matter when Thanksgiving comes for you or for me, it’s always the right time to be thankful so I’m sharing some things I’m very thankful for.

Melanie S. Pickett, Bible

God’s word, my Bible and my freedom to read and exercise it. I’ve never lived anywhere that I couldn’t freely believe, express my beliefs, and worship. I’m thankful every day for that as I know many who don’t have such freedoms. I am thankful for God’s neverending love and that He’s always with us and guiding us.

Melanie S. Pickett, beach

My babies. These kids are my life and breath. They are my heart and soul. They give me the very best reason to wake up every day and be a good person. I’m always grateful, honored, and blessed to be their mom, every day.

Melanie S. Pickett, marriage thankful

This guy. My husband, my kinsman redeemer, biggest supporter, handsome, funny, friend. I could go on…

Melanie S. Pickett, best friends

My best friend. She’s been with me through thick, thin, heartache, happy, and more than thirty years. Priceless.

Melanie S. Pickett, books

Books. I love books. I have many books and I’m a firm believer that there’s no such thing as too many books. I share the wealth too. I’m happy to lend my books. I’ve also been a bookworm and put tons of miles on my bike as a kid, cycling to the library and home again with a basket full of books at least a few times a week.

Melanie S. Pickett, family

Extended family, new family, and family in Heaven.

I’m so very thankful for the people who enrich my life, those I call family. I have friends that I consider family, like my best friend above. She’s my sister in every way except DNA. These people above are my parents (in Heaven), my siblings and our “adopted” father/grandfather, my bonus daughter and bonus grandbabies, and my new family, my in-laws whom I love very much. All these people add to my life in a variety of ways and I’m thankful for them.

There are so many things I could list that I’m thankful for, some material, some not. Anything from boots to flowers and back again. I’m blessed and I know it. I hope you’re blessed and can find things every day to be thankful for.


Melanie S. Pickett blogging




Meet Melanie P. :

Melanie S. Pickett bloggingMelanie Pickett is a mom, wife, writer, blogger, and Jesus girl. Melanie spends most of her time at her own blog, melaniespickett.com where she writes about her domestic abuse survival, healthy relationships, life, and faith. She is busy with her work in progress, her first nonfiction book. Melanie has been featured on BlogHer.com and published on Splickety Magazine, Whole Magazine, Breathe Writers Conference blog, and various other blogs as a guest writer. Having worked in the medical field for nearly two decades, Melanie recently “retired” so she could concentrate on her family and writing career. She is also a substitute teacher. Besides writing, Melanie loves to read, travel, enjoys hockey, playing piano, listening to music, helping and encouraging others, speaking on Periscope and Blab, volunteering, movies, and hanging out and cheering on her very favorite people: her family. Melanie lives in west Michigan with her husband, two teen children, and her pug Gracie and beabrador Lillie. Her favorite Bible verse is Jeremiah 29:11 and one of her favorite quotes is: “They call us the dreamers, but we’re the ones who never sleep.”

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