#12daysofthanksgiving|What Krystyn is thankful for 

“The very fact that we are still breathing means we still have a purpose/mission in life, we aren’t finished.”
I could list off many things I’m truly thankful for in life. When it comes down to it, I’m thankful for my life in general. My life circles around God, family, friends, those who are closest to me; they are the ones who encourage me in life to not give up and keep going.

Life to me is something to be treasured. We were given this life “on purpose, for a purpose.” A lot of us can say we’ve been through hell and back but God looks at the fact that we didn’t give up.

 There is nothing I’m more thankful for then having God in my life. He’s been my anchor, always present in time of need and best friend. I’m thankful for everything in my life because of Him. The more I rely on Him the more He pours into me and gives me all these reasons to be thankful. 

I hope and pray that if you’re going through a tough spot right now and life doesn’t seem to be very fair right now, I pray you find hope. Just as much as God wants you to see your life as a celebration I pray it turns out that way and that you will be blessed in many areas of your life. Allow for gratefulness to come back into your life if it isn’t already there and I promise you will have a lot to be thankful for! 

I want to leave you with this thought. Another realization I’ve come to is how much I forget to think about the things I’m thankful for. I believe it should be a daily thing. It’s so easy to forget with our day to day activities. 

If you haven’t already, set a side a quiet time and allow your heart to search for things you’re thankful for 🙂

Krystyn Slauenwhite works within her family business Sojourn Signs in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Some of her passions include writing, working with kids, being with family and friends and traveling. She is continuing to further her interest in the business world.
You can follow Krystyn on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and her personal Blog.

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