How to get outta a rut – stopping the endless day to day cycle and enjoying life again.

Hellooooooooooo world! And happy Thursday! As I saw the topic of this post, I knew that I would be able to write a lot about it because it perfectly sums up how I’ve been feeling this last week and a half. And as I’ve come out of my rut (slowly but surely), I figured this would be the perfect opportunity for me to share what helped me get through my rut and what I do everyday that alwasy makes me happy and energetic.

I’m naturally a very energetic person. Fact: I never actually used to be this way. It wasn’t until I became a vegan about a year and half ago and started to exercise regularly (and of course eat healthier foods.) No, I’m not still a vegan, but there are times where I eat vegan meals because they’re my favourite (like Amy’s vegan pizza or Amy’s lentil soup …. yummmmmmm!) Anyways …. I found that when I spread out what I was eating throughout the day and eating healtheir foods – for example, I would have an egg white omellette for breakfast then at 10:30 I would have a fruit salad.)  I found that I felt soooooo much better about myself than if I had a big mac or some other sort of fast food. As for the gym, I like to balance my cardio and weight lifting – I usually go to cardio kickboxing and dance class and then do some weight lifting classes in between. The odd time I’ll take yoga, only because it helps with my shoulder and back – it’s such a good stretch.

These last few weeks I’ve been so down and lacking motivation that my eating and exercise habits have been thrown off. And now that I’m out of that rut, I can most certainly notice a difference. I’ve always been believed that if there’s something about yourself that you don’t like, change it. And if you can’t, then learn to accept them for what they are. Which is why after I’m done writing this, I’m going to make up my gym schedule for the upcoming week and do some meal planning/grocery shopping. BEING AN ADULT IS SUPER FUN I PROMISE.

Music has also always been a huge influence on my life. There are certain songs that I listened to during my recovery that bring back memories if I were to listen to them today. One of them being Skyscraper by Demi Lovato. I remember going for walks and playing this song on repeat and getting lost in the lyrics. Or I would go to the park with a magazine (usually had Demi Lovato on them – yes, she is my role model/idol/the person I looked up to for hope when I was in recovery because I was going through something similar to hers) and played it on repeat.

After realizing that I was tired of being stuck in a rut and feeling like crap, I told myself ‘you can sit here and continue to feel sorry for youself and dwell on the past or you can move on. ‘ And within that moment I knew that my past was something that I couldn’t change. So, why bother wasting my time on something I had no control over? I remember thinking to myself, why am I even upset about this anymore? And why am I even thinking about this? The things I did in my past that I’m not proud of aren’t what define who I am today. I am a COMPLETELY different person.

So, with all of that being said, I have finally made the decision to stop telling people/talking about my past issues (in full detail.) Now I want to put my time and energy into helping others with my knowledge and sharing things that help me to contiue to stay as happy as I am today. So, past Alex, this is goodbye for good. Present Alex, welcome!  Let’s go dance it out!

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Alex Newton is a nursing student and mental health advocate. She grew up in a small town and plans on moving to London, England one day and open up her own health practice. She has a cat named Maya who she adopted whilst going through some difficulties. She’s a daughter, sister, and warrior who enjoys a nice cuppa tea.

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