Health and Hope

Haven’t we all been told since we were knee-high to a grasshopper to make sure we take our vitamins every day? Sometimes we were even excited to get ahold of a Flintstones vitamin, the chewable kind we convinced ourselves were a little like candy?

But what about now, now that we’re older and have different issues, some that require more than a little dinosaur?

Sometimes we need a boost for energy, immunity, and sleep. Here are some we researched to share with you:

Melatonin: This is a word I heard long ago and I knew it had something to do with sleep. But that’s all I knew. This is what I know now. Melatonin does help with sleep and sleep patterns. It can be especially helpful for folks who work “odd hours”, i.e. the night shift where they’re up all night working, then expected to be able to sleep during the day. Their “clock” is off compared to most of us. Melatonin can help readjust that. It can also help reduce certain types of headaches and even combat that nasty Seasonal Affect Disorder many of us battle.  As always, check with your doctor before taking it and don’t take it at all if you’re pregnant and also, keep the supplement from your children. Doctors know best about this kind of thing and can explain any potential adverse effects to keep an eye out for, so take it if and only if they approve and tell you how much.

Essential Oils: There are plenty of prescription medications to treat anxiety. I’m no expert so I don’t know if there are any effective over-the-counter vitamins and minerals. I do know when you’re eating right, exercising, and removing toxicities (bad relationships and situations) from your life, your anxiety will almost certainly ease. While you’re working on that, try some lavender. It’s pretty inexpensive and when you smooth it onto the soles of your feet and snuggle on some socks, it can be quite relaxing. The scent wafts up and I find it quite calming. There are necklaces out now that allow you to carry around the oil scent with you. It’s on a necklace, as said, so near your nose where you can catch the scent easily to soothe and calm.

Defying Shadows

Vitamins: I take a women’s antioxidant daily along with calcium with D, zinc, and B12. B12 can give you a boost. I don’t feel it so much because the Crohn’s already has me at a B12 deficit. Even the B12 shots with a megadose, do little for me. But for the average person, B12 can potentially be helpful. You can find some supplements in foods: blueberries for antioxidants, bananas and green leafy vegetables give potassium, and nuts, seeds, bananas, and (wait for it), dark chocolate offer magnesium.

I know getting a balanced diet is hard, especially if you’re tired, feeling sluggish, anxious or stressed. But when you eat better and exercise, even a little if that’s all you can manage, you will feel better. Exercise helps you feel better about yourself overall but also helps you sleep better. And it can help reduce stress. (Use the punching bag at the gym). There are all sorts of health benefits from food and exercise, but if that’s not quite getting it done, give your doc a call and see what OTC supplements will help give you that extra that you need.

Find Your Peace,

Melanie S. Pickett blogging




Meet Melanie P. :

Melanie S. Pickett bloggingMelanie Pickett is a mom, wife, writer, blogger, and Jesus girl. Melanie spends most of her time at her own blog, where she writes about her domestic abuse survival, healthy relationships, life, and faith. She is busy with her work in progress, her first nonfiction book. Melanie contributes to Sonoma Christian Home and has been featured on and published on Splickety Magazine, Whole Magazine, Breathe Writers Conference blog, and various other blogs as a guest writer. She is a volunteer at Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies. Having worked in the medical field for nearly two decades, Melanie recently “retired” so she could concentrate on her family and writing career. She is also a substitute teacher. Besides writing, Melanie loves to read, travel, enjoys hockey, playing piano, listening to music, helping and encouraging others, speaking on Periscope, volunteering, movies, and hanging out and cheering on her very favorite people: her family. Melanie lives in west Michigan with her husband, two teen children, and her pug Gracie. They recently said “until we meet again” to their beloved beabrador Lillie. Her favorite Bible verse is Jeremiah 29:11 and one of her favorite quotes is: “They call us the dreamers, but we’re the ones who never sleep.”

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