How To Gamble Safely

Gambling is normally a fun pastime for people. They bet on horse races and go to slot machines. They spend their money responsibly. They only do it occasionally.

Then there are some people who struggle with that. It’s hard for them to be rational when gambling. It is not safe to gamble excessively. It can hurt you, you can lose your job or house, you can get into some nasty situations. You don’t want that. Here are some ways to gamble safely:

Bet only what you can afford- When you are about to place a bet, look at your wallet (and your bank account) first. If you are betting more money than you have, that is a sign of a gambling problem. Make sure you can afford to gamble and afford other life necessities (food, rent, etc.).

Do not gamble when you are upset- If you are in a bad mood or are stressed out, you will be more likely to bet more money than you can afford. Before you gamble, do a self-assessment. Make you that you are in a good place emotionally before you place that bet.

Know when you need to quit-Make sure you are constantly checking up on yourself when you are putting money on something. If you feel as if you are going too far: STOP. Quitting while you are still afloat is extremely important because if you put up more than you can afford or handle you will have a problem

Don’t drink and gamble- If you are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, you are most likely not in a place to be making ANY decisions, especially one about spending money. Make sure you are sober and safe before you spend any money on anything.

The most important thing to think about before you gamble is yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable placing a bet, simply don’t do it. Don’t gamble alone. Find a responsible person to go with you if you don’t feel comfortable on your own. Take care of yourself first.



 Alex is currently working on expanding her blogging and writing skills so she can become a journalist someday. She is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and Asperger’s Syndrome. She hopes to help spread awareness about mental illness and autism spectrum disorders and end the stigma on both.

You can follow Alex H on Facebook, Twitter and her personal blog.

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