5 Ways To Let Someone With Asperger’s Know You Care

  1. Allow for ‘processing time’ – don’t assume that someone with Asperger’s isn’t listening when you are having a conversation with them. They may need extra time to respond to what you have said. Allowing for processing time allows someone with Asperger’s the opportunity to join in a conversation instead of being talked over, rushed or ignored.


  1. Always invite them to social gatherings – people with Asperger’s do like spending time with others. Someone with Asperger’s might not always want to socialize but they will probably appreciate the invitation to socialize


  1. Be accepting/understanding of their quirks – someone with Asperger’s might display unusual coping strategies when in a stressful or new situation. Becoming aware of these behaviours instead of pointing them out might be more useful in helping someone with Asperger’s lower their anxiety levels.


  1. Give them the opportunity to talk about their special interests – special interests are extremely important to those with Asperger’s. They can help them make sense of the world and offer a source of comfort. Allowing time to talk about these interests might allow someone with Asperger’s to feel more at ease in social situations. It might provide a way of initiating conversation.


  1. Let them know of any changes – people with Asperger’s tend to like routines, rules and rituals. Changes without warning can cause someone with Asperger’s anxiety and upset. So when possible, try to let them know of any upcoming changes whether it is a change in the environment or a familiar routine

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