Kindly calm me down

Dear Alex,

It’s depression writing to you. You know the thing that makes you want to stay in bed all day and not do anything because you’ve got no motivation to do so? Yeah, that’s me. I feel like I should start off with an apology. I truly apologize for making you feel this way, it was never my intention. I can’t imagine what you’re going through and how you feel – but it breaks my heart knowing that I’m the cause behind all of it.

If I can offer you any words of wisdom, it’s this: just know that the feelings and thoughts I cause are only temporary and will pass by. So, whatever helps you get through these times, do it. Although I can’t promise you that I won’t come back and cause you emotional pain, just know that it’ll only last an undefined period of time.

As much as think I’m a monster, I’m not. It’s neither my fault nor yours, but rather a deficiency of chemicals in your brain, with me being the result. So don’t blame your feelings on yourself or anyone else, but rather tell yourself it’s a simple flaw in your system which sometimes causes you to feel the way that you do.

I encourage sharing the message of strength and resiliency during these times. And I encourage you to continue down your path of happiness. And I wish you all the best.





Alex Newton is a nursing student and mental health advocate. She grew up in a small town and plans on moving to London, England one day and open up her own health practice. She has a cat named Maya who she adopted whilst going through some difficulties. She’s a daughter, sister, and warrior who enjoys a nice cuppa tea.



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