If Asperger’s Could Write You A Letter

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Good morning,

I know neither one of us wants to talk to each other, but it’s that time again. You guessed it! Time for you to get out of bed and face the world.

Unfortunately, we both know that you and I would have to face each other again. I have to spend all day tiring out your brain, while you have to go through your day with my chaos. You live with my chaos every day.

There are many parts of you I affect in a negative way. Let’s go over a few examples (although you already know them)

Going out to eat (or even eating at home) with me around, you’ll have poor motor skills, leading to a messy table, hands, and pants.

Taking a walk in the park is when I’ll make sure all the dogs are barking and all the fire engines go off. That overwhelming smell from the tree you thought was gone? Yeah, it’s still here. Dirt is going to get in your shoe. Pretty much all of your sensory issues are going to affected when we come here.

Sitting in a doctor’s office. Ah man, this one is hard for you. When the doctor is not exactly ready  at 3:30, but that was the time of your appointment, you’re going to freak out. Your rocking, wringing hands, heavy breathing, and leg shaking like it wants to run somewhere will be obvious to everyone. This one is hard, and I get my workout for the day,

There are many bad things about me, but I have a good side.

When you have to speak to your supervisor, you are supposed to make eye contact. I used to steer your eyes away from the other person’s eyes. Now I’m learning how to drive a little straighter. You still struggle, but next time I fill up the gas, your pupils will be flawless at staring back, although we do need to work on when to look away

Shelf reading with your eye for detail for books gets you to pay attention and makes you more productive. Going slow and making sure everything is right is what is good for you, and in return, it helps everybody involved.

Listening to music with other people with your fixation on music, you can name pretty much any song, from the 80’s up, and you will name it. People try to mix you up, but I help you learn more about that song and every song by that artist. We are a good team.

I am not your enemy. I might make it tough for you to make and keep friends, but you, me, and all of your symptoms can make it through. Your family supports us. Just like you aren’t bad because of your Asperger’s, I am not bad for you. We are not individuals. We work together, to make you who you are. As you get older, you will probably lose parts of me, and I will gladly leave and call every now and again. You are different. Not strange. We are going to make it, the only way I know how. Together.

Wishing for your forgiveness and love,

Asperger’s Syndrome


 Alex is currently working on expanding her blogging and writing skills so she can become a journalist someday. She is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and Asperger’s Syndrome. She hopes to help spread awareness about mental illness and autism spectrum disorders and end the stigma on both.

You can follow Alex H on Facebook, Twitter and her personal blog.

2 thoughts on “If Asperger’s Could Write You A Letter

  1. Thank you! I really needed this today. 🙂 ~TheSilentWaveBlog writer ❤

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