The Psychology of the Fear of Flying and How to Overcome It


How many times have you thought, “Well I would love to try that, but…” And how many times has that “but” been fear: fear of heights, claustrophobia, or a fear of flying? You are not alone. Even celebrities such as actor Sean Bean (The Fellowship of the Ring and Flightplan) struggle with the fear of flying.

This insightful article, however, reveals the psychology behind this fear, such as triggers, PTSD, and imagination. The piece proceeds by explaining how one can conquer this fear by examining and understanding the fear, taking a course at your local airport, or becoming involved in a support group; and includes effective tips for helping children – or anyone – overcome uneasiness related to flying. Built on solid psychology, personal experience, and practical input the article concludes by encouraging those with even the most crippling fears to accept the challenge of flight. Why? Because the perspective gained by facing those fears and conquering that “but” will be entirely worth it.

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