Tips for Men Diagnosed with Bipolar

So, you’ve recently diagnosed with Bipolar. Now what? Is this the end? I know for most guys they like to jump in and fix things or just the opposite – they don’t want to deal with it at all and try to ignore the diagnosis.  For a lot of men, they don’t want to deal with this or try and ignore that they have this. Some like to try harder and that doesn’t work either.


Here are some tips for men just diagnosed.

  • Have patience. It will take time to find the right type of treatment for you. This goes for therapy or medicine.
  • Talk to your doctor. Be open and don’t hold back. The more they know the better they can get you the treatment needed. I know it can be hard for men to open up, but please do it.
  • TAKE YOUR MEDICINE! It will help! It may take time to find the right one. Try to be patient.
  • Meditation has been known to help. It’s not for everyone but it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.
  • A hobby can be very helpful. There are quite a few men who have taken up knitting to help with stress. It has been proven to help. Crochet does the same thing. How about putting together models? Not the women kind. Don’t go there. I’m talking about planes, cars or boats.
  • It is so important to have support. It can be from one person or more. Don’t forget your doctor and therapist. It is always good to see a therapist as they’re trained in this and can help a lot. If you’re married or have a girlfriend be open and honest with them. This doesn’t just affect you. They need to know how to support you. Tell them.
  • Yes, I went there. It’s a big thing right now.
  • Eat healthy. Cut back on sweets, sugars and caffeine.

What are some tips you have for those just diagnosed to help?

A771C9116D8B405ABE4B32ECB63F7D91Allyson is a published author, blogger, wife and mom to 4 kids. Three of her children are on the autism spectrum. She suffers from anxiety and panic attacks.  On her blog you can find her writing about being an author, her faith and family.  She resides in Missouri with her loving husband and four wonderful children, and three cats. She’s addicted to knitting and coffee.

You can follow Allyson on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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