Five Ways to Encourage Your Husband

Remember Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus? Men really are almost a different “animal” than women in many ways and I want to share ways to encourage your husband that might speak to him specifically, being from Mars and all.

It’s almost Father’s Day so this time of year more than ever, we think of husbands and fathers and try to find ways to honor them.

Treat Him with Respect  One of the most important things to a man is to feel respected by his wife and family. Once respect is lost by the husband or wife, it’s easy to go in a downward spiral quickly and it’s hard to repair. Speak highly of your husband whether he can hear you or not. If you have an issue with him, discuss it with him, not with your girlfriends. Approach him lovingly and if outside help is needed to resolve the issue, get it. Seek out wise counsel with a pastor or Biblical counselor.  But refrain from name calling, even if you think it’s harmless. Be kind to him in his presence and in the presence of others.  Express that you expect the same.

Be Supportive of His Dreams We all have dreams. Some of them may seem silly and unattainable but nevertheless, they’re our dreams. I want support of my dreams, right? What an amazing feeling when someone tells you to chase after it and they offer help in doing so.  Be that support for your spouse. Even if you’re simply a sounding board or an encourager, be that if it’s what he needs.

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Pray for Him  Life is difficult. Men have a lot on their shoulders. Even if we don’t put those things on their shoulders, they pile it on themselves. If you didn’t like a movie he suggested, he takes it a little personally. If you’re struggling financially, often men feel the pressure of that even if they’re working like crazy to turn things around. Pray for him, that he will feel loved, honored, and supported, that God will give him the strength he needs for the day, that he will feel supported and loved at home so when he’s out in the world he can handle daily stress in a healthy way. Pray for him to flee from temptation and turn away from all the things that bombard him in the media. Pray that he will be praying for you and that he’ll honor and cherish you.

Listen to Him  Men tend not to share their feelings as freely or as often as we ladies do. I think I share enough for myself, my husband, and then some.  He patiently listens and offers advice when appropriate. When my husband shares his feelings, on those rare occasions, I try very hard to drop everything and listen. It’s a vulnerable feeling for men to share, I think, so when he’s willing I want to make sure he feels important, listened to, and made a priority.

Love Him  Sure, it sounds perfectly logical, right? Of course we’re called to love our husbands. What I mean is that you love him through his silence, his moods, and his foibles. Love him just as much when he leaves his socks laying around as when he brings you flowers.  Be his biggest cheerleader, his fiercest supporter, his best friend, and confidante. You’ll find your relationship will be so much richer for it.

Be an encourager,

Melanie S. Pickett blogging




Melanie S. Pickett bloggingMelanie Pickett is a mom, wife, writer, blogger, and Jesus girl. Melanie spends most of her time at her own blog, where she writes about her domestic abuse survival, healthy relationships, life, and faith.  Melanie contributes to Sonoma Christian Home where she is an Associate Editor intern and is a regular contributor at Huffington Post and The Mighty. Melanie has been featured on, Splickety Magazine, Whole Magazine, and Breathe Writers Conference blog. Melanie lives in Michigan with her husband, two teen children, and her pug Gracie. Her favorite Bible verse is Jeremiah 29:11 and one of her favorite quotes is: “They call us the dreamers, but we’re the ones who never sleep.”



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