My Dad, Anxiety and Panic Attacks

My dad and I have a relationship…not a super close one due to us being apart for years but we’re working on it.  I didn’t find him until I was an adult and had kids of my own. My dad deals with my panic attacks and anxiety differently and I want to share how.


I’m such a private person that even writing on this blog pushes me out of my comfort zone, but it is good for me. My anxiety and panic attacks started when I was an adult. I have no doubt in my mind that my dad would be supportive of me. I can go to him about anything. That’s been very clear.

My dad knows that I suffer from panic attacks and anxiety, but he’s never actual seen me have one in front of him. I’ve shared a little with him about it and yet not a lot. But, he can tell. A parent just knows when their child is going through a hard time. I think it is just a gut instinct.

  • He’s a phone call away for whatever I need
  • He offers support to me in whatever I do.
  • He has no problem telling me what he thinks no matter what. If he thinks something I’m going to do is bad, he won’t hold back.


I know I should share more of this with him… If I could say anything to my Dad about my Mental Illness, it would be this.

Hey Dad,

I suffer from Anxiety and Panic Attacks. I’m not telling you this to make you feel sorry for me or anything like that. It’s not the end of the world. But I do want you to know that at times, I suffer from a mental illness. I might need help pulling myself out of them. Talk me down if I call you and am in a full blown panic attack. Get my mind off it. These are the best ways to help me through this.

I may not talk about it much or maybe I haven’t at all with you I’m not sure. But this is part of me. At times, it might not be a pretty part. All I need is support, which you’re been great at giving me, so I know this won’t be any different.



A771C9116D8B405ABE4B32ECB63F7D91Allyson is a published author, blogger, wife and mom to 4 kids. Three of her children are on the autism spectrum. She suffers from anxiety and panic attacks.  On her blog you can find her writing about being an author, her faith and family.  She resides in Missouri with her loving husband and four wonderful children, and three cats. She’s addicted to knitting and coffee.

You can follow Allyson on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.


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