Advice For New Mothers Diagnosed With A Mental Illness

You may feel like it’s helpless, hopeless and that no one will understand your mental illness. But I know exactly what those thoughts are, because I have had them. Here are ten points to help you cope.


1) Eat Healthy:

I know you’re thinking, “How is that supposed to help?” Trust me on this. If you eat healthy, you’re body starts to crave the good stuff and less of the junk food. In turn this will help you to feel better about yourself. In every way. You may want to start exercising. Which brings me to my next point.

2) Get Exercise:

Just like eating healthy, exercise is good for you. It’s something not many people do. But it is something that everyone should be doing. I’m not going to sugar coat it for you. It’s not going to be easy at first. Work at it slowly. Rome wasn’t built in a day. A healthy lifestyle won’t be done in a day either. Just start by going for walks, and then increase it to a jog if you’re comfortable enough. Just get some kind of exercise. They say it takes twenty-one days for something to become a habit. Set a goal to get out for a walk every day. No matter how short.

3) Get out of the house:

This is difficult in the way of finding the motivation. But you can do it! You NEED to get out of the house. Don’t keep yourself trapped and locked up at home, get out there. Call a friend, bring the kids to the park or go for a walk like we talked about earlier. Just get out of the “at home routine,” that can put you into a slump.

4) Find a group or website:

Somehow you found your way here to Defying Shadows. Stay here if you like it. Have a look around! Everyone here is going through or has gone through something similar to what you are going through right now. Join our Facebook page. We have posts every couple of days. I’m sure you can relate to a lot of them. There are so many mental health groups out there. Join one that will be encouraging and inspirational to you!

5) Take up a hobby:

I say this because it’s something that you can do that can take your mind off things for a while. For me, that is colouring. It’s something that I do when I am stressed. Nothing goes on in my mind when I am colouring other than what colour to colour the bird! Find that thing that you can do for you!

6) Surround yourself with supportive people:

You need to have people that you can talk to. Someone you trust, someone who won’t judge you, someone you can be honest with; someone who can give you some advice, or even just someone who doesn’t mind just listening to you vent.

7) Love yourself:

I will say this; this one is tough. At least it was hard for me. It’s one of those things that is different for everyone. It’s figuring out who you are. It’s seeing that you are beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. It’s seeing that you are more than just a high school student, mom, dad, husband or wife. It’s realizing who you are and how important and priceless you are. It’s learning to love yourself, in the way that you don’t love yourself. It’s different for everyone.

8) Have time with God:

This should be your first priority. It is important and encouraging when you get into His Word. Read your Bible, pray, and worship Him. Prayer is a very powerful thing. You can talk to God anytime and anywhere. He is always there. Learning the Word of God is vital. With that you can fight against satan even more. Don’t give satan power over your life. God has already won that war. Think in the mind of Christ, and then it will help to make things a lot easier.

9) Think Positive:

You’re thinking, “if I could just think positive, then I wouldn’t be in the place that I am in now.” I know it seems hard, and it will be when you start; but it will get easier as you continue on. You can choose your thoughts. If you have a negative thought, challenge it. Force yourself to think of three positives to every negative. Then write them down where you can see it. Ask God to help you to think positive. He will help!

10) Listen to music:

For me, and maybe for you, this means worship music. It just makes me feel so much better. I feel encouraged. It doesn’t have to be worship music though; anything that you listen to that can help you to relax is great! For you that could be country music or relaxing nature sounds.

The options to help you overcome this mental illness, or to help you get to a normal state are endless. Here are just ten of many! Best of luck to you!


13439072_10155168157212281_281654584428310448_nRachael is happily married with two children. She works for AIM Social Media Marketing and loves what she does! In her spare time she loves to colour to lose the stresses of the day and go for a walk with her family down the country roads.

You can follow Rachael on Twitter and Instagram.

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