You’re lucky you know that? You could have died. And there’s nothing special or romantic about that. You just would have been gone. ~Julian from One Tree Hill.

During my recovery and break from the working world, I made it my personal mission to watch movies… A lot of movies. A lot of black and white classics, and some newer movies. I have taken one thing away that I would like to share with you, from all of these movies.

Suicide is NOT Romantic.

I cannot believe how many movies portray suicide as some romantic thing! The guy or girl gets turned down by their “love of their life” and they attempt or succeed in a suicide. WHAT?!

Let me tell you, suicide is not romantic. It is painful. It is dark. It is horrid.

My heart aches for all those whom have watched these movies, and maybe subconsciously have taken away the lie that Suicide is romantic. How many people has this lie been fed to?

I think back to High School…. How we learned the beloved Shakespeare. At the time, Romeo and Juliet was just another book I needed to read and study. I never really did take the time to think about the story that much… Maybe because it just wasn’t real to me, or maybe because I was trying to protect myself from the facts.

Both Romeo and Juliet died by suicide. They killed themselves for someone else that they met just days before! How is this romantic?? How many teenagers have read this story in the most vulnerable times of their lives, and been told this lie?

Suicide is NOT Romantic.

A few months ago there was a story about a woman whom died by suicide because her illness was terminal and she was going to die anyways. Before I get too far into this and get a ton of angry emails about this, I just want to attack the one lie that was present through this whole thing.

Suicide is NOT Beautiful.

My biggest wish is that you will be on guard in your life. That you will see these lies that the movies or news try to pass off as truths.

Join the movement, pass it on… #SuicideIsNOTRomantic.

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