Lord, could I have a moment of your time, please?


Lord, could I have a moment of your time, please? The past week has been awful, filled with emotions that caused me to sink into a depressed state of mind. In my heart I KNOW you give me strength and courage to face hardships but why is it that when the darkness descends, I forget that? Is my faith so weak and the enemy of my soul so strong? When I feel “normal”, nothing causes me to feel despair but when these times of sadness and despair consume me, I seem to lose touch with You.

This disease called depression is insidious and silent – it attacks when I least expect it and like King David, I cry out to You for relief. I understand how David felt in the depths of his personal despair so I read the Psalms to find comfort there and it is in the verses I can find peace. It is good to know that you love me as much as you loved David and like him, I am learning to praise You in the storm, knowing that you are bigger than any problem I face, knowing that even in my deep sadness you are with me and knowing that you will never leave me or forsake me.

After that horrible week, Lord, I emerged, tired but restored. You won the battle over that bout of depression and carried me through it, back into the Light of your Presence. Help me, Father, to remember to rejoice even in the hard times, to lean on You alone and to rest in the shadow of your wings.

You are God and nothing is too hard for You. I am so thankful that you shed your blood that I might be redeemed and thankful to You for all you have done for me, all that you are doing and all that you will do. Your blessings fill my life with hope for better tomorrows and I know that even in the darkness of the night when it feels like the pain will never end, You have a purpose for the suffering. Thank you for always walking with me, for encouraging me through your Word and for sending Christian friends to hold me up when I am down.

Lord, your faithfulness is sure, your love and mercy everlasting and your compassion is never ending and for that I thank you.



I have been a Christ follower for over 40 years and do my best to be more like Him.I live with bipolar disorder and while it can be quite disruptive, I seem to manage quite will – at least most days I manage quite well. I believe that mental health issues are the least talked about illness and my goal has always been to be open about my situation and share my successes and yes, even my failures with others.I am a writer with one published book of poetry. I have 4 grown sons and 5 beautiful grandchildren. I am single (happy with that) and try to be as active as possible.


One thought on “Lord, could I have a moment of your time, please?

  1. Yes, He is our hope, strength, and victory. A mighty conquering King!
    Your journey Bonnie, encourages others, it did me, thanks, Donald

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