How to Manage dating when dealing with Mental Illness

Dating can be difficult for each and every one of us at the best of time. From trying to work out what you’re going to wear and even what to say, to even trying to figure out if the other person general really likes you. Within society there are so many different ways and advice on dating from Tinder to Speed dating, and so the list goes on. So when in comes to comes down to dating with a mental illness it can be extra an extra challenge of when is the right or best time to approach your partner about your mental illness.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people can feel very uncomfortable when discussing their mental health issues with their partner due to the stigma’s that can be attached to mental health and not being properly educated, which can make hard or anxious for an individual to disclose this to those closes to them.

So you may be thinking when is the right time to disclose about your mental health. Telling people about your mental health status can be scary at the best of times, but if you date a lot or you meet a lot of people it can be scary at first but after a while it come naturally. There is no way of predicting whether someone is equipped to deal with it, or even if they’re willing to try, but you have to be willing to give it a shot. By keeping all lines of communication open and to be able to discuss freely and openly with your partner what works and what does not when your going through a rough time can be far more helpful and supportive in the long term for both parties. Always remember to be open and honest.



Amanda Ogden is from Sydney Australia, and has spent the past 13 years working within the welfare industry in both administration and case management assisting people with mental health issues, mild intellectual disabilities, acquired brain injuries, drug & alcohol, homelessness gain employment. She also loves travelling, creating jewellery, music, friends and family.

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