#FEARLESS365 | MARK 4:40


#FEARLESS365 is a yearlong study of God’s commandment to us to live without fear. For 365 days, we will focus on one scripture and volunteers from all over the world will share their personal thoughts and what God has shared with them on the specific verse. For more info… go here.

“He said to them, ‘Why are you so afraid? Have you still no faith?”

Mark 4:40 (ESV)

It is no accident that this is the verse that was given to me.

Before Jesus speaks these words, He had been teaching his disciples in parables. They wanted to get away from the crowd. I presume He needed rest, because verse 38 tells us that He was asleep on the cushion. There was a great storm that arose and His disciples couldn’t believe that Jesus was sleeping through it. They finally woke him, in shock and awe that He hadn’t woken up and calmed their environment for them. When He wakes, he tells the wind and sea to ‘be still.’ The wind and storm calms. At which point, we then read these words to His disciples.

I have been a disciple of Jesus for over 10 years now. A decade. One-fourth of my life. And some days, I feel no further along on my walk with my Savior than I did on the first day He came into my life to save my soul.

As I type these words, I am going through a divorce from my second husband. This was the one I thought would stick. The one that would end with one of us dying first. Turns out, he had other plans. Turns out, he didn’t value honesty and loyalty as much as I do, or as he claimed to. The rug was pulled out from under me exactly one year and ten days after we said our vows.

He had encouraged me to quit my job when we married, so as to pursue my writing passion. So I left the job that had supported myself and my two kids, had put me through school to get my MBA, and had helped me purchase my own home (that I sold when we married). To say I was desperate and concerned is an understatement.

Fortunately, God always knows best what we need. He provided me with a job at my daughter’s school. I am now on my kids’ school schedule and do not have to worry about childcare. He also provided me a home to rent, in which the landlord REDUCED the rent so that I could afford it. This home is exactly half way between my two kids’ schools. We are five minutes from our church home, and back out in the country again.

I tell you this because these instances are not the first, nor are they the last of how God ALWAYS shows up and shows out in my life.

And, as I’m typing this, I’m fretting and worrying about how I’m going to pay my bills in the coming summer months when I’m not working.

It’s as if I hear God saying to me, “Michelle, why are you so afraid? Have you still no faith?”

He will show up. He will show out. He will provide. My only job is to have faith. To step out where He calls me. And to share with others how He always takes care of my needs and even some of my wants.

What has God done in your life to prove to you that He is who He says He is? Let’s step out in faith, together, to the abundant life He has promised us.



Michelle Nehrig is a Mother, Teacher and Writer from Lafayette, IN. Her daughter summed it up perfectly. She says, Michelle is “a single mother who kept trying when she could have felt like giving up.”

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