Celebrating Moms… Because who could deserve it more?


To the mom who says she’s a failure because there’s dishes in the sink, dust on the shelves and cooking homemade food from scratch is no longer something you have time for. Remember this. There are dishes in the sink because you and your child ate dinner. There is dust on the shelves because instead of dusting off those pictures of your child, you’re sitting on the floor playing with him. Your child doesn’t care what or how you made dinner, as long as they eat.

You Momma, are not a failure. You might be overwhelmed with your responsibilities as a mom when you’re dealing with depression or anxiety, but you are NOT a failure. I’m not a mom yet, but I stand here watching you and cannot believe how STRONG you are. How IMPORTANT you are to your little one. You are a GREAT mom. And your depression, anxiety or any 12987234_488101244732219_5840221814499897607_nother mental health concern you might have won’t be taking you down anytime soon.

Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t worry about the rest. You’re doing GREAT!

Love, Nichole. ❤


Parenting is a difficult job and a constant juggling act no matter what.  It requires balancing your needs with those of your child.  It involves managing your time, having adequate resources and supporting your child.

Below are some helpful tips that you can use while coping with mental illness whilst being a mom:-

* Connecting with others – It is always important of surrounding yourself with supportive people whether it be either family and friends, or even other parents that have had similar experiences.  Make sure that they understand your circumstances and ultimately respect you and the goals for your family.

* Give the best time to your kids –  If you find that afternoons/evenings get you down, where as weekends make you happier, make sure you have quality family time during this period.  Look at options such as going on a picnic, bushwalking, seeing a movie or even ten pin bowling.  By understanding your illness its triggers and cycles, look at ways to apply the knowledge to your schedule.

* Practicing your passions – It can be a tough job to manage both parenting and mental illness which at times can be consuming and lead an individual to lose touch of their passions.  Look at ways to engage in activities that go beyond the ramandaole of parent and patient whether that be painting, exercising or learning a language.  It can also be beneficial to involve your kids as it will also show them that you are enjoying yourself and expressing different parts of your personality.

Love, Amanda.


Moms I know it can be hard dealing with kids all day. We have a lot on our plates. A lot. We manage our homes, family taxi, juggling schedules and everything else. Having mental illness doesn’t make it easier. It, it’s not impossible.

Don’t be hard in yourself. Give yourself some grace. I know that can be a tough thing to do.  God has you. He really does. Pray, sweet mama.  When life gets overwhelming… Pray. Take a deep breath and relax.

This is really the best advice I can give you. Also, take a few moments for yourself. I A771C9116D8B405ABE4B32ECB63F7D91know, I know that’s what we don’t think of as moms. This can go a long way with helping with our mental health as well. It doesn’t have to be long 10-15 mins.

Hang in there mamas you’re doing great!

Love, Allyson.

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