5 Ways to a Healthy Start to Your Day

Mornings are so important, right? They set the tone for the entire rest of our day. It makes good sense that we want to put a plan in place to give us the best start possible each morning. You want to put your best foot forward, feel your best, present yourself well, be productive, and just overall feel good and enjoy life. These five ways to start your day should help. Let us know if you try them and how it worked out for you.

Make Sure You’ve Gotten a Good Night’s Sleep Obviously this will help your day start better than if you’re in a slump and feel exhausted. For those of us with chronic illnesses, sleep can be pretty stinking elusive sometimes! I have Crohn’s disease and I’m in pain almost every night, all night. It can be abdominal pain or back and hip pain. Both disturb my sleep. I try to accommodate myself as best I can with ibuprofen, pillows, etc. Do what you can to get physically comfortable.

Many of us also have trouble “turning off” our brains. It gets late. We’re tired and vulnerable. We start worrying about everything. Things seem so much bigger and scarier at night. It helps me to turn off all social media a good thirty minutes or more before bedtime. The light from our gadgets keep our brains working, so try to shut down before you lay down. I’ve been reading myself to sleep lately. It’s a win-win: I’m reading some good, nourishing words and catching up on books I’m committed to reading, plus it’s a nice winding down process…easy on the brain. It helps me rest better and wake up better.

Think Before You Move Once your alarm goes off and you’ve accepted the fact that you have to get up, take a few moments to think about good things before your feet hit the floor. Count at least five things or people who are additives to your life, meaning they’re benefits and blessings. Be grateful for them. If you pray, pray for a few minutes or grab a devotional. Try to do these things before you reach for your phone and check Facebook.

Exercise Many people don’t have time for a full-on workout before heading out for the day. Some of us don’t have the energy either. But try, just try, to do a few stretches, a few jumping jacks, crunches, push-ups. Maybe commit to doing ten of each of those, the best you can. It could energize you and really get you going in a healthy mindset.

Eat Well Again, many of us don’t have the time to make a great breakfast, but thanks to Pinterest we all do have some great recipes to make ahead of time. I’ve been really into making a yummy smoothie each morning. Now I crave it. I throw ice, almond milk (because I’m lactose intolerant), some collagen powder, protein powder, banana, blueberries (because they’re deliciously in season around here), and a giant handful of spinach in the blender. It literally takes less than a minute to make.

Bonus: If you have a nice travel cup, you can just drink it on your way to school or work or as you go about your activities at home. Totally portable and delicious. Otherwise, make ahead something healthy that you can throw in the microwave for a minute or two and be on your way. A healthy breakfast really is important. Mom knew what she was talking about when she said that!

Reassure Yourself  Talk to yourself, aloud or silently. Remind yourself that you own your attitude. Maybe the day will throw some challenges at you, but tell yourself that you are capable and strong, and you and God will handle whatever comes your way. Put on a smile and confidence, and walk out the door knowing you are a beautiful, strong person who is worthy of good things.

Another bonus: Give yourself something to look forward to at the end of your day. Whether it’s a special meal, a favorite snack, a movie you’re renting, a new magazine, a new lipstick, make it something that will brighten your day so you can have that going for you when you come home to relax.


You can do this! Be confident!





Melanie Pickett is a writer and speaker. Her blog was born out of her desire to reach and encourage women who’ve experienced struggle and hurts, particularly domestic abuse, as she has. Melanie speaks and writes about her own experiences as well as different aspects of relationships, healthy and otherwise, to inform, inspire, and make others feel encouraged and supported. She is an entertainment editor for a Christian women’s magazine and co-founder of the women’s ministry Yours Girls for women all-in for Jesus. Melanie is married and has two amazing teenage children who are her heart and soul. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, spending time with her family, cuddling her pug Gracie, or enjoying the beauty near her home in West Michigan. You can keep up with Melanie at her blog, on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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