Anger? Anxiety? Or Both?

I have had episodes come about on many occasions and with these anxious times comes a plethora of physical symptoms. I have experienced stomach issues, headaches, dry lips, exhaustion,  sweating and panic attacks. There have also been emotional symptoms such as intense feelings of fear, helplessness, depression and a lack of confidence. But then there is often another symptom…anger and rage. There are sometimes where you feel that you’re about to blow up, you are so angry and the tiniest thing can set you off.

A few months ago I felt angry. I was so tightly wound and so easily annoyed. I would get easily offended by things that people said. One thing a friend, family member or co-worker said could easily set me off for hours. I was very grumpy and unfortunately, my husband got snapped at far too often.

I often thought my hormones were really messed up! Then one day a visit to my therapist made it so clear. He said that anger is from the stress and anxiety. He explained anxiety displaying as anger. I had not heard of that before. I looked it up and it was a thing. I put it together. The stress and anxiety made my body tense, tight and always on edge. It was like a bomb ready to explode.

Once I recognized the issue I was able to work on it. I still get cranky but it can be sent off by taking some me time, doing meditations and going for walks.  It is important to me to recognize my feelings and realize how my thoughts are influencing my emotions or actions and deal with them appropriately.



Lisa is a mom and a child and youth care worker. She sees the potential in others and likes to go beyond labels. She has anxiety disorder that sometimes hits various areas of her life. She has discovered mindfulness practice and it has become a great source of relaxation. Lisa would like to share stories, motivate and encourage others to become the best version of themselves. Lisa loves reading, music, Pittsburgh Penguins hockey, family time, nature and people.
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