Celebrating Three Good Things

Canadian Thanksgiving was last week and our American team members will be celebrating next month – but we wanted to take a minute today to celebrate three things that are happening in our lives right now!



1. My business growth- my business partnerships and clients!
2. My friends and family… Especially my little nephew – He’s freaking adorable!
3. Three years of mental and emotional health.

Melanie H.:


1 I’m finding new ways to grow my writing
2 I’m going to be an aunt for the second time
3 I just celebrated my first wedding anniversary



1. Having a wonderful family and friends
2. Being a mental health advocate and discovering new ways to help people
3. Great job I do from home

Melanie P:

IMG_52271. I’m using healthy boundaries for the first time in my life.
2. I have strong and wonderful relationships with my children and husband.
3. I’m trying daily to conquer my penchant for worry and replace it with trust in God.



1. Family and friends that are very supportive. I have a wonderful son and very hardworking husband.
2. Breaking down fears and anxiety and trying new things this year.
3. Our family has safe, comfy living arrangements and clean food and water.


JulieMy new job teaching at a Christian college, my three wonderful daughters, and my wonderfully supportive husband.


Karen S.:


1) I am stronger in the knowledge of who I am.
2) I am healing well from an injury I had in the summer.
3) I am doing really well with my health plans.




1. Eating healthy
2. Setting boundaries
3. Having good friends




  1. Being near extended family again.
  2. Getting a handle on my anxiety and helping others to do the same.
  3. My faith



  1. I have a great relationship.
  2. I have a good job.
  3. I am mostly happy.



  1. Enjoying my new job as a preschool teacher.
  2. Starting to work with girls in our church youth group.
  3. The Bible reading and writing plan on my blog.

We even went to Facebook and asked friends and family… “What are three good things happening in your life?”

Here’s what they had to say!

fb answers

So what about you? What are three good things happening in your life?

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